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Friday, September 29, 2017

( Noob Friendly) How to port KitKat Rom For Mediatek/MTK Phones

How to Port KitKat ROM for MTK Phones

Hi Guys.. Finally Today I am providing you a porting Guide For KitKat ROMs For MTK Phones.. Many people on Facebook ask to me about KitKat Rom Porting Guide and It's very Difficult for me to write and give Porting guide to everyone ( who is asking !!) Separatly.
So Today I created this guide for all of you guys.. It's very easy to port KitKat Roms.. it's not so difficult that you are thinking..I made this guide especially for Noob LET'S START..

This guide is only for Same Chipset and Kernel i.e
MT6582 ⟷ MT6582
MT6592 ⟷ MT6592
MT6572 ⟷ MT6572
and so on...
3.4.67 - 3.4.67 (Kernel) 


Stock KitKat ROM ( Official Rom That comes with your Phone.. You can download Stock Rom from your official Manufactured sites)
Port  KitKat ROM( The ROM that you want to port or make for your own phone.. You can find on Google. A lots of ROM are there) ( Click Here to Download for MT6582 Devices)
Carliv Image Kitchen or QURepack tool ( for porting boot.img) [Click Here To Download]
Notepad++ ( install it in your PC ) [ Click Here to Dwonload Latest version]
A working Brain :p

  • Now extract both roms in separate folder 
  • Rename stock ROM folder to stock and Port ROM folder to port

  • I have Divided This Guide into 3 parts

1. boot.img porting
2. editing build.prop and updater-script
3. replacing system files

1. boot.img porting

Now extract QURepack tool zip..you will see two files (QURepack & bootimg).. double click on bootimg( a CMD window will be opened and closed automatically)
Now copy boot.img from stock Rom folder to QURepack folder and open QURepack ( by double clicking)
Click on UNPACK (Now you can see there are many files such as kernel, initrd folder...etc)
Do Same For boot.img of port rom folder (do it in separate folder) (better to create two qurepack folders name as stock qurepack and port qurepack folder)
Now copy 'kernel' from stock qurepack folder to port qurepack folder
open initrd folder in stock qurepack and do same in port qurepack
copy 'ueventd.rc' from stock qurepack to port qurepack
now go back to root of port qurepack folder
open QURepack ( by double clicking) and click repack
now delete boot-old.img and rename boot-new.img to boot.img
copy and replace this boot.img in port rom folder
Now Boot.img Porting Done!!

2. editing build.prop and updater-script

a. updater-script editing

Before going ahead you have to know your 

a. System mount point
b. Data mount point
c. Cache mount point

For knowing your mount points.. you have to download 'Diskinfo app' ( click here to download ) and install it...
open the app, go to 'Diskinfo' settings and tick 'Show partition name'..now go back, you will see  mmcblk** ( here * is your mount point)

go to Port Rom folder ➟META-INF ➟ com ➟ Google ➟ Android ➟ updater-script

Right click on updater-script and open with Notepad++
Now Change Mount point according to yours one..
updater-script is done!!

b. build.prop editing

Go to both Rom Folders (Stock rom & Port Rom)-system-build.prop
Right click on build.prop and open with notepad++
Find These lines in both build.prop


Change these lines according to your stock Rom build.prop (skip if any line is not found in your Rom build.prop)
Editing build.prop and updater-script done!!!

3. Replacing System files

Open both Rom folders (Stock Rom and port Rom Folder) in separate window
Go inside system folder in both roms and Replace Following items

Remember:- Replace from stock rom to port rom

/ETC/bluetooth (whole folder)
/ETC/firmware (whole folder)
/ETC/mddb (whole folder)
/ETC/WiFi (whole folder)

/Lib/HW/gralloc.mt65xx.so ( xx is according to your chipset name)


Replacing System Files are done!!

Now Zip Your all folders and file (i.e boot.img, system folder, Meta-inf folder...etc) in port Rom
And Flash with Any custom Recovery

  • If you have any problem about rom porting comment down.. I will try to help as soon as possible
  • ATTENTION! For all the actions with your phone, the administration of the site is not responsible! All the operations you do at your own risk!

  • Note:- If You Like my work, Please Click On Ads to Support Us

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