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Monday, December 18, 2017

[MTK6582][3.4.67] LineageOS 14.1 Stable Android Nougat Rom on Huawei Honor Holly | Honor 3C Lite | Hol-U19

LineageOS 14.1 Stable Android Nougat Rom on Huawei Honor Holly | Honor 3C Lite | Hol-U19

  • Based On:- LineageOS
  • Chip:- MTK6582
  • Kernel:- 3.4.67
  • Android OS:- 7.1.2
  • Status:- Stable

    What is Lineageos:-
LineageOS also known as LineageOS Android Distribution and Lineage is a free and open-source operating system for smartphones and tablet computer systems, primarily based on the Android device platform. it's miles the successor to the pretty famous custom ROM CyanogenMod, from which it became forked in December 2016 while Cyanogen Inc. announced it became discontinuing development and close down the infrastructure behind the mission.due to the fact Cyanogen Inc. retained the rights to the Cyanogen call, the project rebranded its fork as LineageOS

LineageOS was formally launched on December 24, 2016, with the source code available on GitHub.considering that point, LineageOS has been described as pretty popular and forcibly advanced; within four months from the preliminary declaration, LineageOS development builds protected extra than 160 models of device, and over 1,000,000 users, having doubled its user base within the month February March 2017


  •  AUTO ROTATE (fixed)
  •  RIL (Calling/SMS/Data) SIM1 AND SIM2
  •  WIFI
  •  GPS
  •  CAMERA 
  •  MUSIC
  •  MTP
  •  AND MANY MORE....

VPN (use shadowsocks app)

  • Note:- If You Like my work, Please Click On Ads to Support Us

  • Lineage OS team
  • Wasim Raja
  • Jai Dwivedi(for building this rom)
  • Zormax
  • Qwanor and @SRT
  • Decker
  • Varun Chitre
  • DeVvil
  • pablito
  • xcore995
  • Manjot Sidhu & Imran Popz - Kernel Dev
  • Arbaz Khan
  • Piyush Kulkarni
  • Hitesh Garg
  • Divyrajsinh Jadeja
  • Samar Vispute
  • Aditya Kumar
  • TribetMen
  • Josemar Rodrigues
  • MinhQuoc 
  • and all devs MTK

  • Guide to Flash This ROM with TWRP Recovery

  1. Boot into Recovery Mode & choose "Wipe"
  2. Now Choose "Advance Wipe" & Tick "Dalivk/Art cache", "Cache", "System" & "Data"
  3. Now Slide "Swipe to wipe" & Go back to Main Page
  4. Now Choose "Install Zip" & Locate and select Your "Rom & GApps"
  5. Now Slide "Swipe To Confirm Flash" to flash the ROM & GApps
  6. Now Select "Wipe Cache/Dalvik" and swipe to clear it...
  7. Now Press "Reboot System" & Enjoy 😄😎😎

  • Guide to Flash This ROM with Philz Recovery

  1. Boot into Recovery Mode & choose "Wipe and Format Option"
  2. Now Choose "Clean to Install A New ROM" & Go back to Main Page
  3. Now Choose "Install Zip" and Select Your "Rom" from "SDCard" or "SDcard1"
  4. Confirm "Yes To Install" & Go back to Main Page
  5. Now Again Choose "Wipe and Format Option"
  6. Now Choose "Wipe Cache" & "Wipe Dalivk/Art cache"
  7. Confirm "Yes To Wipe" & Go back To Main Page
  8. Now "Reboot System Now" & Enjoy 😄😎😎

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  1. great job... thanks bro

  2. I am loving it ❤
    Make orea update on his
    Lineage 14.1 to 15
    OTA update plz...

  3. Sorry, but with my Honor U 19 not one of the Nougat (7.1.2) Rom's GPS is working, They cannot find any satellite.Even if a wait outside for hours.
    Restoring to Marshmallow solves the problem, so it bust be somewhere in the rom.
    Please fix

    1. Same here. Unfortunately the GPS of my Hol-U19 doesn't find any satellite.
      Apart from that, this ROM is almost perfect.
      Would be glad, if this were solved.

  4. Found a bug: when turning wifi, it stuck on searching When you have a lot of saved networks... How to fix this bugs

  5. GPS not working! Same as in other Nougat ROMs for Honor Holly.


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